Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What therapies does VASS offer?

A: We offer many different therapies at VASS, depending on what your child needs. If your child goes to a BMC school, click here for more information. If they go to any other school, click here!

Q: Do I need to go to every session with my child?

A: If possible, yes! It is very important for consistency that you attend every session with your child. It also means that you can give at home therapy, and your child will receive the most comprehensive care and best outcomes. 

Q: Do I have to pay?

A: If you child attends a participating BMC school, there is no fee. However, if your child does not attend a BMC school there will be a small fee for private therapy. Please contact us for further information on fees. 

Q: How do I enrol my child? 

A: For private students, follow the process here. For students in our participating BMC schools, click here

Q: Are your therapists qualified?

A: Of course! All of our therapists are qualified to work as private therapists within their own specialization. ‚Äč