Our Model 

All CwD within standards 1 – 4 are are eligible for the free therapy programmes provided by VASS, in the BMC schools that VASS operates in. VASS hopes to grow the number of schools it provides it’s therapy sessions in, and grow it’s outreach to a wider number of students and schools. The diagram below shows the model which VASS follows at present:


Our Process

Vardayini Apang Seva Santha (VASS) is a non-profit organization, started in September 2015, providing special services support to Children with Disabilities (CwD) who are studying in BMC and Government school under Education for All (EFA). We provide individualised and free support to children with disabilities who attend government schools through therapy sessions and parent counselling to help ingrate the children back into schools and reach their full potential.


Our step-by-step process makes sure no children are left behind! Once a child is identified by the school staff, we take them under our wing and provide comprehensive therapy (for more information on our therapies, click here)

 VASS was created to address a need within the education system in India, but we believe our purpose is so much more. The diagram below illustrates the various ways VASS is working to make a difference:

Our Purpose 

VASS : Vardayini Apang Seva Sanstha
CwD: Children with Disabilities

BMC: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

IEP: Individual Education Plan

SSA: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, is an Indian Government programme aimed at the universalisation of elementary education

Multiple Disabilities: Children having more than one disability and disorder affecting them